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Custom Laser solutions for manufacturing and marking

Study and implementation of custom laser solutions for manufacturing

Laserpoint has accumulated over the years a great expertise in developing innovative processes in the field of laser micromachining, born from the close cooperation with customers in a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.LaserPoint is one of the first national companies to deploy technology in active fiber, since the late '90s, as well has pioneer in the use of short pulse and ultrashort (picosecond and femtosecond) high modal quality UV lasers.

The laser is the key component in this ??highly specialized area, but the machines deputed to perform the process must have an intrinsic balance with other components, the choice of which is just as crucial as that of the laser.

Exemplifying, Laserpoint has established a technical / sales relationship with the most promising innovators and manufacturers of critical components such as scanners and high-speed stages with nanometer positioning accuracy.

The competitive advantage does comes from the diversification of products / processes.

The process of development and implementation of models into laser micromachined parts is often (as is well known to those who have addressed the problem) long and difficult. Only a detailed knowledge of the laser/matter interaction, the intrinsic characteristics of the lasers used / usable, the characteristics of the materials to be machined, allows you to move easily in the matrix of possible usable parameters.

Without such knowledge, the identification of best optimal operating point can be laborious if not impossible.

In the real world of industrial needs, being able to move easily in the spece of parameters for finding, given the conditions of the desired quality and process unit time, the best compromise quality / productivity.

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